Urison Enterprise

Company: Urison Enterprise
Contact: Robert Tan
h/P: 016-8848044
contact: Tan Nam Hock
H/P: 016-8848044
Specialize In: Interior Design

2 thoughts on “Urison Enterprise

  1. Alister Chip : qm printing here, my boss , ask u how much you charge to spray the shop. lots of lipas, cause the printer spoil.

    Thanks qm
    the person in charge
    Miss wei
    contact miss wei 016-8831123

  2. Miss Wei: Good morning.. Sorry b’coz I’m late to read your comment about your problem regarding the Cockroaches at you shop. The charge for spraying against cockroaches is about RM100 (On Call), if you want the conract means every two month (6 x 12) the charge is RM70 per treatment. (RM70 x 6 = RM420.00 for one year) That all. Tq. If you want to use our pest control service, just call the person in charge Mr. Alister (019-8984196)

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