United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd [“UOB (Malaysia)”] is a subsidiary of United Overseas Bank Limited [“UOB”], a leading bank in Singapore with a global network of over 500 branches/offices and subsidiaries/associates in 18 countries and territories in Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and North America.

Incorporated in Malaysia in 1993, UOB (Malaysia) took over the operations of Lee Wah Bank Limited [“LWB”] in 1994. LWB was incorporated in Singapore in 1920 and opened its first Malaysian branch in 1956. In 1973, LWB became a wholly-owned subsidiary of UOB.
24-hour UOB 121
Phone Banking

(6) 03-26128 121 (KL)
(6) 04-2401 121 (PG)
(6) 07-2881 121 (JB)
(6) 082-287 121 (KCH)
(6) 088-477 121 (KK)
Fax No. (6) 03-26912 121 (KL)
Email us:- uob121@uob.com.my
For more information:- http://www1.uob.com.my

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