Kent’s Garden (miri)

Kent’s Garden serves fusion food and drinks. We serve no pork!! Kent’s Garden also provide Astro shows on Projector Address: Lot 1058, Kampung Pengkalan Lutong, 98100 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. Working Hours : Mon – Thurs 1500 – 0000 Fri – Sat 1500- 0100 For reservation , Please Kindly Contact 0128833004 (Kent Hii)

Richmond Place Western Cafe

Company Name: Richmond Place Address: 18A, Lot 259, Ellis Road, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: 082-25 1199 Contact Person: ALAN YONG H/P: 017-228 0399 Deal In: restaurant, foods, beverages, Menu : Chicken Chop , lamb chop, pork chop, grilled fish, fish and chip, salmon fish, beef steak, mix grilled, lamb shank, mussels and pcs,

Go Fun Kee Bak Kut Teh | 吴方记干肉骨茶

关于吴方记吴方记经营美食行业已经六年了,可算子资历尚浅,还得努力学习改良食物及服务方面。目前共有六家店面,其总店和四家分行设在沙劳越,而位于沙登区则是第六间分行。品尝本店食物,�? 议要选择干和汤的

Chop Guan Hock 源福肉乾 (KCH)

Chop Guan Hock 源福肉乾 Address: No.56, Padungan Road,93100 Kuching, Sarawak. Tel: 082-416206, 571080 (R) 砂劳越古晋,浮罗岸路,五十六号邮区93100 电话: 082-416206, 571080(R) Contact Person: TAN GUAN KOK H/P: 016-878 9907

Pet’s Planet

Company Name: Pet’s Planet Address: Lot 2480-G, Block 10, Ground Floor, Fortuneland Commercial Centre, 2½ Mile Rock Road, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak. Tel: +6 082-233339 Contact Person: RICKY NGUI Mobile:+6 013-812 2828 Contact Person: KENT Mobile: +6016-858 5353 Contact Person: NGUI TED SHIEN Mobile: +6016-809 7110 Duel in: pets products, pets foods accessories, pets grooming services, pets …

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