About Snapnames

SnapNames, a member of the Oversee.net family of companies, was formed in 2000 to provide the first commercially available technology for “back-ordering” a currently registered domain name. This pioneering service helped customers gain access to domain names that were thought to be forever out of reach. In reality, most domain names cycle back into the market at some point in time, though without specialized help, most people are unable to find or buy them.

Today, SnapNames acquires and offers by auction the majority of expired domain names from each of the major top-level domains. More than 100 million names worldwide expire and delete each year, giving SnapNames customers access to literally millions of domain names the moment they come back on the market.

The largest resale marketplace for domain names by volume, SnapNames closes hundreds of auctions each day at prices ranging from a few dollars to tens of thousands. Commercial demand for domain names continues to grow, driven by:

  • a rising population of Internet users worldwide
  • the rapid growth in new online businesses around the world
  • the increasing use of direct type-in, or direct navigation, using domain names in lieu of a search engine
  • increasing spending on online advertising via search keywords, the same keywords that make up many domain names
  • growing awareness that it is next to impossible to find and register an available domain name in the primary market
  • and as a result of all of these trends, the general rise in resale value of domain names of all types

The world’s top registrars control a significant majority of the highest quality domain names that are not already owned by online businesses and professional collectors. SnapNames continues to add members of this elite registrar group, which now includes Dotster, Register.com, Melbourne IT, DotRegistrar, DomainPeople, Moniker, DirectNIC and others. These partners offer their expired domains through SnapNames before they are available anywhere else in the public market, giving SnapNames customers exclusive access to some of the highest value—and best priced—domain names on the market.

SnapNames is located in Portland, Oregon. Our corporate address is:

1600 SW 4th Ave
Suite 400
Portland, OR 97201 USA

Office: +1 (503) 219-9990
Customer Support: +1 (866) 690-6279
Fax: +1 (503) 274-9749

For more information, visit : –https://www.snapnames.com/

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