PPTE Enginerring Sdn Bhd is one of the major supplier of powder coating line.

Address: No 6, Jalan Velox, Taman Velox, 48000 Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia.

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Service & Products :-
1) Car Painting Booth Oven 汽车绘画展位烤箱
2) Surface Preparation Bay 表面处理湾
3) Sand Blasting Room 喷砂室
4) Dry Sanding Bay 干三鼎湾
5) Epoxy Powder Booth and Cyclone 环氧粉末喷涂机和旋风分离器
6) Epoxy Powder Coating System环氧粉末涂料系统
7) Coach and Truck Booth卡车绘画展位烤箱
8) Water Curtain Spray Booth水幕喷涂室
9) Dry Spray Booth 干喷涂亭
10)Batch Oven批量烤箱
11)Dust Collector除尘器
12)Preparation Bay准备湾
13)Wet and Conveyor Painting System湿式和输送机涂装系统
14)Spare parts (paint arrestor filter,primary filter, ceiling filters and More spare parts)备件(油漆避雷器过滤器,主过滤器,天花板过滤器和更多备件)

1) Chassis Aligner 底盘对准器
2) Measuring System 测量系统
3) Welding Equipments 焊接设备
4)Spotweld RemovalSpotweld 去除
5)Pulling Clamps 拉钳
6)Pneumatic Tools 气动工具
7)Windscreen Tools 挡风玻璃工具
8)Special Tools 特殊工具
9)Paint Prep 油漆准备
10)Spray Systems 喷雾系统

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Contact : 016-2177773 (Steve Chan)
Email: chanyk218@gmail.com
Website : ppteengineering.com.my
(Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak)

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