PAS CHER 巴夏喀有限公司

PAS CHER was founded in 1999. Its name derives from a French idiom, meaning “high quality, reasonable price”.
PAS CHER adheres to the philosophy of making genuine leather by hand and giving new life to leather with continuous enthusiasm and imagination.
PAS CHER strives continually to develop better craftsmanship of leather-making, insists on selecting first-grade quality leather manually and tries to increase the soil resistance and the comfortableness of leather in an attempt to provide customers with exquisite leather art. All these
demonstrate PAS CHER’s commitments to and focus on its customers.
From production to marketing, what our company attached great importance to be high quality, consumers’ experience, superior services, perfect post-sale services and repaying customers sincerely. In this space of coffee colour leather, PAS CHER is exerting itself to realise its dream and offering customers the chance to enjoy the charm of handcrafted leather art and leather ornaments.

創立於西元1999年,其名稱PAS CHER取自法文的慣用語,即是「高而不貴」的意思。




Company Name 公司名字: 巴夏喀有限公司 PAS CHER
Address 地址:新北市中和区中山路2段419号5楼 台湾235
Tel 电话:886-2-82217755#11
Fax 传真:886-2-82218277
Email 电邮:

Contact Person 联络人:董玲玲 / 业务负责人

Website 网址:,

Main Product 主要產品: Professional design and manufacture of leather Key ring, Mobile phone strap, Leather, Leather bracelet, Strap, Wallets, Leather pen, Document sets, Pet Supplies 专业皮革设计制造钥匙圈,手机吊饰,皮件,皮手环,皮带,钥匙包,皮笔,证件套,宠物用品


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