Welcome to OneTJ – ICT Shopping Complex Official Website! Sarawak’s Premier One-Stop ICT Shopping Complex. OneTJ is dedicated to provide local shoppers Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) products and services, targeting the e-generation for a better shopping experience! OneTJ consists of more than 40 outlets of computers, telecommunications and other ICT related outlets, whilst there are also other non-ICT outlets available providing all the necessities to the local shoppers they will ever need! Exclusively, we have a food court at Level 4 namely, SaMBa Zone, which serves all the local delights and international cuisines. Hence, local shoppers will get the chance to eat different delicacies and delights. Not only that, we have a Bloggers’ Station located in the SaMBa Zone, bloggers could gather with their fellow bloggers in this corner to chit-chat while enjoy bloggin’!

In every floor, there will be lifts and escalators ready allowing the shoppers to enter different floors at their convenience. Looking for a specific outlet? Worry not; we have an Information Counter located just right in front at the entrance of OneTJ at Level 1 to answer all your enquiries. What’s more, our whole OneTJ is equipped with high speed wireless Internet provided by deConneXion for FREE. Local shoppers are allowed to bring their laptops, PDA, or even their Smart Phones to online anywhere within the building while enjoying their shopping @ OneTJ! The whole mall will also be installed with CCTV cameras, ensuring the shoppers’ security and safety; hence, you will be able to shop in worry-free environment.

OnE Tj is a IT store that managed by :- Kenbest Sdn. Bhd.

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