MiriBiz.com (miri)

MiriBiz.com is founded with the purpose of providing quick & simple access for business contact information in & around Miri.

Miribiz.com is locally hosted website and our objective is to help local businessmen to find other business contacts online easily, quickly and in the simplest manner. It is also generally regarded as an online phone book for business contacts in Miri that you could refer anytime and anywhere with an internet connection in the future.

Anyone is encouraged to submit their own companies or others’ companies to MiriBiz.com. By doing so, it also help the other visitors to find business contacts.

MiriBiz.com website is operated by:

MiriBiz.com  | miribusiness.com
2nd Floor, No.2 High Street , P.o.Box 206 ,98000 Miri ,Sarawak, MALAYSIA.
Telephone : 6 016 8736489


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