Mayhua Ice-Cream

Mayhua Ice-Cream humble journey began in the late 60’s when we emerged as a family business venture. Mayhua’s operation grew from ice cream manufacturing to later distribution, operating in Sarawak only. Mayhua Ice-Cream production in the earlier days was initially hand-made ice cream. By the year 1970’s to the 80’s, Mayhua began moving into semi-automated productions made possible with imported machines. By the 1990’s up until today, Mayhua is now fully operational on automation machineries.

Mayhua continue to meet the demands and is dedicated in providing fellow Sarawakians a taste of creamy treats by producing an array of ice-cream products such as ice cream sticks, ice cream cones, ice cream in cups and tubs as well as ice cream with wafers! Mayhua Ice-Cream products are all ‘MeSTI’ certified.

See Lian Huat Ice Cream Sdn. Bhd. (126305-V)

Address: Lot 761, Block 8, MTLD, Lorong Demak Maju 10, Demak Laut Industrial Park, Phase 3, Jalan Bako, 93050,Kuchin, Sarawak, East Malaysia
Tel : 082 439 439 / 012 804 9988
Fax : 082 439 039
Email: ,

icecream processing flow

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