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Kuching Deals
Kuching Deals launched in August 2012. Kuching Deals team of professions will seek out and promote the hottest and unbeatable deals where Kuching’s online shoppers can come together to secure discounts and buy directly from a local business or wholesaler. Through the structure of social cooperation, our customers can enjoy saving of around 50% to 90% to try new products and services.

Our Secret Weapon
To assure and satisfy all our fussy customers, our team of Recon Daredevils will review and guarantee the quality of the services and products before introducing to our customers. This is our promise to all customers.

Mission and Promise
Kuching Deals mission is to provide customers with great services and products at extraordinary prices everyday. We want you to eat, buy, live and enjoy your life; try out NEW things and take advantage of great exciting deals while SAVING money on more deals. Remember, we are customers too! Put simply, we want our customers to pay the lowest price for a great product or service.

Oh Wait!

One last thing, while group buying allows us to negotiate a huge savings for our customers, we and our business partners want all our customers to feel great about their new purchase and continue to support these wonderful businesses in the future!

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Company: Kuching Deals
Customer Service / Advertising enquiries: +6010-977 0088
E-mail: customerservice@kossle.com
Website: www.Kuchingdeals.com
FB: www.facebook.com/Kuching.Deals

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Save 50% to 90% off Entertainment, Food, Shooping and MORE!

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