Kenwy Music House was formed in March during year 2006.
The goal of the institution is to give the best environment which builds up all the professionals in music and art.
The principal of the Kenwy Music House, Mr. Kenwy Ho had graduate from China Central Conservatory of Music as a master degree of music.
Beside, he is also Member of China Music Association and Member of CWA (Cimbalom World Association).
By today, our music school has formed a strong contingent in teaching and administration, emerged a large numbers of specialists, experts and a lots of influential compositions.
Course program included Classical Chinese Orchestra, Western Orchestra, Modern Music, Modern Piano, Singing Lesson, Theory of Music, Composing, Dancing Lesson etc.
Students will be teach in a professional and systematic way, stage article will be used to encourage students to join for every performance, to increase the interest of learning from students to get sure the target of learning, increasing the skills of performance and also arts.
Kenwy Music House had been invited for several performance and activities, and had good respond.
On December of 2006, a band with teacher and students from our music school — “Monkeykat had beat down other bands and became the champion of the , and it was the first Chinese band who ever bring the champion reward back.

If you are interested to learn from them here’s the contacts:
Address :No. 904, 1st Floor, Tabuan Jaya Shopping Centre, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Phone :082-364131 / 016-8931168
E-mail :

For more information :-

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