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The outdoor furniture Description of camping chair and camping tent

Outdoor furniture is often sold as a patio set consisting of a table, four or six chairs and camping equipment which is diffrent from dinning chair and modern sofa indoor. A picnic table is used for the purpose of eating a meal outdoors. Long chairs, referred to as chaise lounges, are also common items.Outdoor furniture has types of folding type and unfolding type, it is also sepapreted by moterial, made of plastic, wood, aluminium, wicker, and wrought iron.

The camping chair 

Standard Canvas Chairs

  • The old reliable in the camping chair industry is the fold-up chair with a lightweight aluminum frame. Some feature rubber grippers along the bottom of the frame to help stabilize. Seats are made out of canvas or nylon. Both materials are treated to resist water, which is important if your chair will spend extended time outdoors. The treatment also repels mold and mildew. Some canvas camping chairs have a sun umbrella or a cup holder.

Double Chairs

  • Made by different companies, the double chair is a portable camping chair that’s technically two chairs in one. The chairs come equipped with a small table for a divider and often hold beverages. These are ideal for couples’ trips, as they fold into a reasonable size and yet are roomy enough for two.

Stadium-style Chairs

  • On the minimalistic side of things, stadium-style chairs don’t have a frame at all. Rather, just a seat and back section that can fold up. These work for kids or no-frills people who just need a simple place to sit.

The Camping Tent

Winter Camping Tents

Three-Season Tents:Three-season tents are designed for camping during the spring, summer and fall and are the most common tents available. Although not specifically made for winter camping, a three-season tent may be suitable for mild winter camping, keeping in mind that the tent is not made for high winds or heavy snow loads. Also, be sure all those vents and mosquito-netted windows that let the breeze in during warmer weather can be tightly sealed in colder weather.

Four-Season Tents:A four-season tent is a better choice for camping in harsher winter weather. The tent walls on a four-season tent are thicker than that of a three-season tent so that it can withstand harsher winter winds. The tent is also designed to shed snow preventing the tent from bowing inward or collapsing because of heavy snow. In addition to the extra protection, four-season tents are also about 4 pounds heavier than three-season tents which is an important factor for backpacking.

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