More fun with Hotlink Activ10
Enjoy Super Rates of 15sen/min and 1sen/SMS to 10 of your favourite people. Keep saving, now to more people.

Prepaid to Postpaid Migration, Number Retained
You can now migrate from prepaid to a postpaid without losing your original number. Yes, do the migration but keep your number in use!

Hotlink Rewards
Have you heard? Now you can redeem rewards anytime you want in 3 easy ways. Enjoy bonus surprises, FREE welcome points and more!

New Hotlink Plan
Keep on saving. We’vetaken out hassling peak and off-peak charges. Now enjoy instant flat rates nationwide.
• 36 sen/min Maxis to any
• Activ10 flat rate: 15sen/min

New Online Top Up
Always running out of credit at inconvenient times? Now you can top up online with Hotlink’s new Online Top Up service anytime, anywhere!


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