Eagle Interactive Sdn. Bhd. ( Co. No. 843807-A) was set up to operate www.EagleAdverts.com, a local pioneer in online Advertisement, Edu-tainment, Information & Community Events with a global reach.

Our objectives:

    1. to provide businesses with an excellent avenue to advertise their products and services at a CHEAPER COST! This is because it has become too expensive to place advertisements in the print media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) and electronic media (public television, specialized television, etc.).

2. to provide businesses with an EFFICIENT (24/7) and EFFECTIVE (graphical, colourful & animated) way of advertising WITHOUT LOSS OF VALUABLE CUSTOMERS but instead GAINING NEW ONES! This is especially so during the current global economic crisis, when advertising becomes even more critical to maintain and revive demand for the company’s good and services, and attract new customers.

3. to provide businesses with a GLOBAL REACH (borderless) for their products and services through the Internet, at far cheaper cost and even more efficiently and effectively than conventional printed and electronic media.

Our Vision

To be an integrated Online Advertisement, Education, Entertainment, Information & Community Events Portal in Sarawak, & eventually in Malaysia.

Contact us at :
3rd Floor, Lot 2648, Lorong Rock 1, 3rd Mile, Central Park Commercial Centre 93200 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: 082-238511, 238512, 238513 or Fax: 082-238515
info@EagleAdverts.com or eagleadverts@gmail.com

For more information, visit: www.EagleAdverts.com

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