Y.S. LAM AGENCY (C87-a0660)

吴保乐  |  Jack Ng
H/P: +016-873 3371

We Provide The Following Services: ……

Family Protection

We promise for the fastest and 1st class service upon to ensure that your family is protected and staying blessed at all times. The best thing in a family is by keeping the HAPPINIESS in it. Just trust us in ensuring HAPPINESS ALWAYS and PRESERVATION OF LOVE.

Retirement Fund

Securing your retirement funds and ensuring the perfect amount that you need for your Golden Retirement Years
Education Fund , Business Insurance, Critical IIIness Insurance, Hospitalisation Benefit, Personal Accident, Keyman Policy, Unit Linked , Will And Trust , Housing Loan, Estate planning, Fund Investment


家庭保障 , 退休基金, 教育基金, 商业保单, 疾病保单, 医药保单, 意外保单, 首要人物保单 , 投资型保险 , 信托与遗属, 房屋贷款,

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