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WTK Group of companies is proud to say that our business spans globally to destinations like Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, The People’s Republic of China, India, Thailand, Pakistan, The United States of America, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, The Kingdom of Cambodia, The Republic of Central Africa, The United Republic of Cameroon, Brazil, France and Australia. To provide better clientele services to our domestic business associates, branch offices has been set up throughout Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia with its head office in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.

WTk Group’s role in the Sarawak, Malaysia forest industry has its roots dated back in the 1940s, when it was the pioneer swamp logging contractor. Since then, the group has grown to be one of the forest’s industry leading players, owning and managing millions of hectares of timber concession around the world, with major processing and distribution facilities strategically located nearby. The Group is also well diversified into land development, trading, manufacturing, plantation, oil milling, hotel and travel service, to name a few.

WTK Group of Companies,
Bangunan Hung Ann, No.1, Jalan Bujang Suntong, P.O.Box 256, 96007 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Contact Tel: (60) 084-326155 Fax: (60) 084-316160
Telex: MA 72004 Cable: “WTK” Sibu
E-mail : info@wtk.com.my


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