Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)


The university was officially incorporated on 24th December 1992. With about 30 academic staff, the University opened its doors to the first batch of 118 students on 8th August 1993. The students were registered in the two pioneering faculties, the Faculty of Social Science and the Faculty of Resource Science and Technology. Two academic support centres were also established: the Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia, and the Centre for Academic Information Services.

The following year (1994) saw four more faculties opening their doors for degree courses: the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development, the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Information technology. Staff and student numbers quadrupled. Meanwhile, the University also grew in profile as most faculties began to offer postgraduate programmes. Research activities began to take root with the establishment of the Institute of Biodiversity and Environment Conservation, which focuses on the myriad of flora and fauna in Borneo. Links with various universities abroad were also established. In the same year, the Centre for Technology Transfer and Consultancy UNIMAS, won the contract for EIA study of the Bakun Hydroelectric Project, the biggest ever EIA project in the country.

The period between January 1995 and the end of December 1996 saw further consolidation in the academic and research structure of the university. Two more faculties began taking in their pioneer batches of students; the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (1995) and the Faculty of Economics and Business (1996). These brought the total numbers of faculties to eight, as originally planned. The Centre for Language & Communication Studies began to offer the TESL programme, in addition to language generic courses. The Institute of Health and Community Medicine, and the Institute of Software Technology were added to the list of research institutes.

The historic year of 1997 witnessed the pioneering batch of graduates receiving their degrees at the inaugural convocation of the University. The year also saw the establishment of the Institute of East Asian Studies.

The year 2000 witnessed the change in the Vice Chancellor seat; Professor Dato’ Zawawi, the first Vice Chancellor succeeded by Professor Datuk Yusuf Hadi as the second Vice Chancellor of UNIMAS. Prof Abdul Rashid Abdullah was appointed Vice Chancellor on 1st February 2005.

Today, the total student population at UNIMAS is 5,976, and the total staff number is 1,456.

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak ( UNIMAS )
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