An introduction

We are a group of professionals who since 2005, have discovered a viable and simple solution to an uncertain future in an uncertain world – helping thousands of average income families to switch to safer, more economical and environmentally-responsible house brands and turning this brand-switching into a PROFITABLE business from home, and generating extra income for their families every single month! Please read on…

Living in the 21st century – a world of uncertainties

Around the world today, not many people are getting ahead, instead most people are just getting by and there are many who have already fallen by the wayside or about to fall financially behind.

With the rapid development in technology and the twists and turns of world events and the dismal economic situations around the world today, more and more people, including professionals and business people, face the possibilities of being caught unaware in a world of uncertainties and rapid changes.

Whether you live in emerging or highly developed countries such as US, Canada, UK, Australia or Singapore, many more are expected to be trapped in an endless cycle of financial frustration and face a bleak future if they do not shift their paradigms fast enough and quickly learn new skills, especially entrepreneurial skills and adapting to a rapid-changing society such as harnessing and leveraging on modern technology (especially the internet) to market themselves, their area of expertise, products or services.

As individuals living in this rapid-changing 21st century, where no government or employer can ever guarantee job security or business profits anymore, whether we are rich or poor, highly educated or with little education, we simply cannot afford to stay status quo, complacent or procrastinate. Therefore, learning and acquiring of new knowledge and skills, keeping pace and immediate planning and action are keys to a more secure future for your family and yourself.

The proven solution

We are a group of professionals who since 2005, have discovered a proven 23-year old American shopping concept andproven ways to turn switching to safer, more economical and environmentally-responsible house brands into a profitable business from home. Since its introduction in 1985, this successful concept has helped hundreds of thousands of families in North America, Australia and Singapore to enjoy safer products and at the same time earning extra income ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per month! People from all walks of life have done it! Even grandfathers and grandmothers have done it and successfully, even in Singapore!

And today, with the advent and continuous development and advancement of modern technology, especially the power of the internet, doing a business from home becomes much easier, cost-effective and much more convenient and most important of all – a very powerful business tool and a gateway to the world!

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  • WHY and HOW switching to safer, more economical and environmentally-responsible house brands can help you not only to save money, it can also help you to enjoy FREE SHOPPING every single month and also turn this into aflexible yet reliable Work-from-Home Extra Income Opportunity – hundreds of thousands of families from North America to Asia have discovered this secret and profited every month from it and why not yours
  • How to leverage on your home desktop computer/laptop & internet broadband to build a global business – a powerful work-from-home marketing tool and a gateway to the world of 24/7 online recession-proof business – especially beneficial for many people who fear or who do not like the idea of talking to people
  • Compelling reasons and benefits of working from home apart from the potential extra income opportunity
  • Pitfalls of internet marketing and internet scams and how to avoid them
  • How to get your home-based global recession-proof shopping business started immediately and how to build it successfully with virtually no-risk over the next few years

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