Since 2003, TENTEX are known as decorative concrete specialists contractor in East Malaysia. TENTEX have placed utmost attention to the client’s project ensuring that solutions and applications for decorative concreting, and creative design work hand in hand.

In response to an ethusiastic urge to tap on growing business opportunities and cater to the design conscious public, TENTEX strongly believe in cultivating fine relationship and partnership with key architects, designers, planners, consultants and general contractors. TENTEX recognize them as our strategic partners that help bring a total solution to a project to make that special difference.

TENTEX team of applicators equipped with the latest state of the art tools and accessories required for any decorative concrete solutions, are trained to carry out a wide array of detailed application process and deliver quality results.

TENTEX exclusive range of decorative technology concrete is most suited to meet the needs of evolving tastes and styles, a sure investment now and into the future.

Address: No. 23, Jalan Batu Kawa, 93250, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.P.O.Box 2115, 93742, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel : 6082-682 333, 6082-683 919
Fax: 6082-682 211

Service provide:
Spray on Paving, Spray on Graphic Design, Spray on Colour Thru,

Stencil Pattern Concrete, Stamped Impression Concrete

Epoxy Moisture Barrier, Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Self – Leveling, Epoxy Anti – Slip, Epoxy Anti – Static, Epoxy Athletic