Techgarage dot MY is sells some of the best iPhone, iPad, Apple and Photography accessories. Founded in 2011 as an extension to an existing business, Techgarage delivers nationwide

who are Techgarage and what they do?

Techgarage hand-pick some of the choicest photography and mobile accessories and have ‘em in our store. In our store you may find delectable selection of products suited to your taste – some of which may not be easily found in the market. Techgarage are not all just about rarity, Techgarage also place an exclamation mark on quality.

In a nutshell, this is essentially what we are about – fulfilling your needs and making you (and your camera / gadget) fabulously happy!

So if you know anyone who enjoys photography / tech as much as Techgarage do, do us a tiny favour and share us with your peeps! Feel free to browse and click around. Techgarage enjoy getting emails from people. So just drop us a if you wanna know or suggest anything. Techgarage love to hear from you. You can also call Techgarage at 03-2273 3662

Like all good business mates, Tech garage too have a Facebook page to keep you updated and perhaps, entertained on a gloomy Monday morning. Let’s be friends!
Opening hours : 9:30am till 5:30pm daily
Monday to Friday
Tel: +60322733662
Fax: +60322738033
Email: techgaragedotmyFacebook
Visit =)

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