DE Production (kch)

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Person Contact : David Law Position : Business Consultant | 商业顾问 Position : Ex-Singapore TV Director Producer Company Name: Quick Learned Consulting Company | Address: 73, Ewe Hai Street 93000... Read More

NTV7 (Malaysia)

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The Feel Good World ntv7, which is owned and operated by Natseven TV Sdn Bhd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad) commenced transmission nationwide on 7 April 1998 as Malaysia’s 3rd pri... Read More

TV9 (Malaysia)

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A Local TV Station (most of all is in BAHASA) TV9 – DEKAT DI HATI Menyentuh hati, menggamit rasa Berslogankan ‘Dekat Di Hati’ TV9 memulakan siarannya untuk menyediakan rancangan terbaik yang... Read More

Malaysian Dream Girl

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Show Info Reality TV in Malaysia has now gone online! Introducing Malaysian Dreamgirl – the first reality series based on a model search competition to be fully broadcast over the internet. The comp... Read More


Website: THE NEW 8TV ONLINE Welcome to the brand new 8TV Online experience -a whole new way to enjoy 8TV! Here you can watch full episodes of your favourite 8TV shows as well as get lot... Read More