Enjoy the simple pleasures of Sunny Hill ice-cream, a local delight that has stood the test of time.

There’s is nothing special about the ice cream here, but it’s a bit of history here that beckons folks to this place time and again; one might have ‘pak-tow’ here over an ice cream cone one time or the other, and inducted their children, and grandchildren, or even their great grandchildren to this place. It holds a piece of nostalgia for most of us.

Most of the time, 2 flavors are served. It’s a toss up between vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and pandan. Besides ice cream on cones, there are banana split, floats, peach Melba, ice cream bread sandwich and an assortment of cakes to be had.

This place is operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and it closes from dusk Friday to Saturday dusk in observance of the Sabbath.

Location:3rd Mile, Rock Road, Kuching, Malaysia

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