How to submit your blog sitemaps to Yahoo Search Engine ?

How to submit your blog sitemaps to Yahoo Search Engine ?
How to make your website / site appear in the yahoo search engine ?

Maybe From this post can help you to get more understand on how to do it .

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HOPE This can help you to make your website found in the Search Engine –

Step 1: Visit Yahoo Site Explorer and sign in with your existing yahoo account.

Step 2: Add your blog ( on Add My Site.

Step 3: Now Authenticate your site by adding meta tag on your blog or site.

Step 4: Now add meta tag just after the (head tag) in the blog.Don’t know how to edit HTML in blog, see this post Editing HTML In Blog. Click Ready to Authenticate that you see in Step 3.

Step 5: Now click on explore button just after blog name.Then you will see a page just like image below. Then click on submit it for free.

Step 6: There are two options (a)Submit a website or webpage or (b)Submit site feed. First choose option (a). Enter your blog Address.Then choose option(b).Enter your blog feed address. Normally the feed url is ( Here option may be one of them:

That’s all. After few days , search your blog name ( in yahoo search engine. You will find it there. See also :

It is Almost the same step for – just log in to your google account , and submit your site .

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