Main Objectives
To establish a better understanding and appreciation of the usefulness of advertising in an ever-changing modern economy.

To promote a full realization of the proper, necessary functions of ad agencies, and how they can be beneficial to clients and the advertising media.

To promote advertising that serves the public good, while promoting the interests of those producing this advertising—ad agencies, advertisers, media owners.

To work harmoniously with the associations of allied businesses for mutually beneficial relations through standard, agreed-to avenues of doing business.

To define and promulgate qualifications for membership by which applicants may be fairly and properly evaluated as to integrity, experience, work skills, financial responsibility and agency structure and organization.

To derive a shared understanding of what constitutes acceptable service and ethical practice and to aid in bringing members to practice and uphold such standards as may be laid down.

To promote friendly relations between all ad agencies, and achieve such co-operation as will uphold excellent service to clients, media owners and the public.

To facilitate free discussions of conditions, volume and needs of the profession, and channel reliable information to any and all members concerned regarding the conduct of the ad agency business and any observed conditions affecting the climate of this business.

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