Total Prize given OUT – 6000PCS NAMECARD Worth RM1100

How to join : Spot & Win

Step 1 – Print 100pcs or more of namecard at QM Advertising (082-246769) & Get the car sticker from QM Ads.
Step 2 – Stick the car sticker at the backside vehicle glass
Step 3 – And wait for the result on or SMS for the winner confirmation.
Step 4 – Done.

Prize given out:

Winner : Win 300Copies namecard prints (worth RM55) | 1 week 1 winner for 20 Weeks competitions
(All the Prize (namecard) must print with

How can participant get the answer from us ?

Please visit .
And all the winner will receive a SMS, show the SMS to our counter & Redeem your prize at QM Advertising –

Terms & Conditions

– Participant must be a Taxi, Van , Executives driver or any transportation services owner.
– Please Check online (your plate number)
– All the namecard must print with
– Namecard Size must be 9cmX5cm
– Winner may change their prize to B&W print for 500pcs

Please visit for more information

Thanks to all Photographer who willing to participate .

Pictures Taken By : Sethsp , StanleyLeong , Asher , KuchingToday and more photographer coming up….

Congratulation to The Blessed Spot Winner of The Week :-]


5th : HQ1593 – 201112 (Please come or Contact 082-246769 to claim your Free NameCard)


4th : HQ1608 – Isma Amin 201111 (Claimed)

3 rd : HQ148 – Mr.Ho

2 nd : HQ958 – William Kuek 201111(Claimed)

1 st : HQ696 – Mr. Nasir 201110(Claimed)



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