What is Spotbit about?

Spotbit empowers you to publish, sell your e-books in a fast, easy and free method.

Spotbit.com provides paperless solution to publishing industry which end result is an E-Book make available in a unique and standalone digital format that is different from most formats available in the current market.

The Paperless Solution

SPOTBIT™ economized on the methods of publishing and change your view of options available for printed news and information that are presented and distributed worldwide.

E-books at Spotbit.com are compiled by using SPOTBIT™ E-Book Builder, a simple process to enable paperless publishing in matters of seconds. SPOTBIT™ E-Book Builder is a complete and yet unique tool to assist effective publishing for all publishers, authors, writers and all other publications at lower cost, quicker service time and higher royalties

E-Books build and published at Spotbit.com enables you to customize your books to your preferences for further enjoyable reading experience anytime, anywhere.

SPOTBIT™ provides one of the simplest and yet offers the latest Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology incorporated into the E-books formats. Our paperless solution formats is equipped with strong encryption and multiple layers of protection that require an activation code to unlock the E-books and another activation code is required to access the E-Books if it is being copied to another computer.

SPOTBIT™ E-Book Builder is designed with you in mind. We offer to provide marketing tools and promotion options to assist you to promote and sell your publication worldwide instantaneously.

When is Spotbit.com established?

Spotbit.com is a subsidiary of iPmart Network Sdn Bhd and was established two and half year ago.

1.2.Spotbit.com is a subsidiary of iPmart Network Sdn Bhd and was established two and half year ago.

3. What is paperless publishing/solution?

At Spotbit.com, we provides an arena for organization or authors with this service of creating such digital documents in a least cost effective manner to reap on this wake of digital wave.

Paperless or Digital publishing is the creation of digital or electronic documents through which original creative works and information are made available to an audience, however broad or narrow. Digital media include web-pages (HTML), portable digital documents (PDF), and e-books, all of which may in turn include digital images.

4. What is the benefits of paperless publishing/solution?

Paperless publishing are designed to provide convenience, immediacy, and mutual profit for both authors and readers, visual artist and viewing public.

The process is relatively inexpensive, and because it uses the Internet as a means of delivery, it serves as an expansion of access on the creative and commercial ends; i.e. the author/artist gains exposure (or access to a wider audience), and the literary or visual-art consumer gains variety (or access to a broader spectrum of original work).

Main benefits of paperless publishing at Spotbit.com are:

1 Spotbit provide digital-rights technologies that allow authors to produce portable, customizable digital works with built-in royalty protection, without the usual restraints imposed by print publishing’s economies of scale and gatekeeper distribution.

2 Publishing at Spotbit will benefit by gaining higher sales levels, greater market exposure with additional titles, reduced warehouse expenses, and accelerated cash flow.

3 Publishing at Spotbit offers shorter works, reprints, or out-of-print books without the overhead publishing costs

4 There’s far less overhead, no inventory, and, [because] we’re using a technology infrastructure that also scales, the more we have, the lower the cost.

5 Authors also save time and money when publishing straight to a digital format that estimates that he reduced the time from rough draft to final online publication by about 75 percent by publishing with Spotbit.com.

6 Overhead costs for authors are also reduced. They are not rejection and no minimum requirement to fulfill before getting published their works.

5. How can Spotbit.com protect intellectual property rights and prevent piracy?

Our E-Book Builders is designed with you in mind. Spotbit offers the latest DRM technology to prevent copying and printing.

SPOTBIT e-book is equipped with strong encryption and multiple layers of protection and yet one of the simplest formats make available for authors or publishers who would like their manuscripts converted into eBook format. Online connection is necessary during activation of e-books.

Once the protection mode has been enabled, your e-book will only be accessible if your customers had purchase an activation code to unlock your e-book. Once your e-book is activated, it can only be viewed from that particular computer. Another activation code is required to access to the e-book if it is being copied to another computer thus prevent piracy and fraud.

6. What can Spotbit do for me?

Spotbit.com acts as an service provider to assist all publishers, authors, writers and all walks of life to create e-books at no cost and yet provides an arena for all publication of excellent, talented authors to take their books to the Net and sell it themselves and earn higher royalty and sales. A real time sales report is provided for monitoring your sales made from e-books sold

For publishers, Spotbit.com provides from effective lower cost of production for all publications to no hassle of distribution and yet with an in-built DRM protection to prevent piracy.

For readers, Spotbit is an online bookstore where you can purchase price competitive e-books or even free e-books and magazine to download.

7. How to build/create Ebooks at Spotbit.com?

To build E-books at Spotbit.com, just log in to www.spotbit.com click on tab “Create E-books” and follow the procedure requirement. You will need to open an account with us first to create any e-books.FOR MORE INFORMATION:- http://www.spotbit.com

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