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IZEA, Inc. d/b/a SocialSpark (“SocialSpark”) provides you, and, if applicable, your Affiliates, access to its online advertising marketplace at (“Marketplace”), which allows Advertisers and Bloggers to interact and engage in marketing relationships (the “Service”) subject to your acceptance of and compliance with these terms of service (the “Terms of Service” or the “Agreement”). If you do not agree to the Terms of Service, please do not use the Service. Each time you use the Service, the current version of the Terms of Service will apply. Accordingly, when you use the Service, you should check the date of the Terms of Service (which appears at the top of this document) and review any changes since the last version. The Terms of Service will be available at all times at

In this Terms of Service, (i) “Advertiser” means collectively any person or entity who participates in the Service and deposits money into the Marketplace or otherwise creates Opportunities, and (ii) “Blogger” means collectively any person who participates in the Service and (a) receives compensation for creating content in the Marketplace, or (b) receives compensation for serving Advertising (as defined in Section 3.8(A) on behalf of Advertisers on Blogger’s website (“Affiliate Program”), and (iii) “Affiliate” means any entity or person that directly or indirectly controls any Advertiser or Blogger, and the term “control” with regard to this definition means the possession, directly or indirectly, of the power to direct or cause the direction of the management or policies of an entity, whether through the ownership of voting securities, written voting rights agreement or other influence. (iv) “User” means any person, company, bot or spider accessing the SocialSpark website. These Terms of Service shall apply to all transactions conducted through the Service. The term of the Agreement will commence on the date you visit the site and will end when terminated by either party in accordance with the terms of the Agreement (the “Term”).

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