Why SMS Marketing

SMS text messaging has been proven to be one of the fastest & most effective ways in reaching out to target recipients. It is an exciting new medium with approximately 9.9 million mobile phone users in Malaysia as of the 1st half of 2003, what more to say now.

According to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, of this number of mobile phone users. Statistic shows that in Year 2005, a total of 21 billion SMS had been sent out with an average of 4000 SMS been sent out per minute. With an average of 345 SMS been sent out per person per year.

。Year 2005, in the first 10 month in China successfully transmitted 246.6 billion SMS.
。In Europe, average 5 billion SMS per month been transmitted.
。In Japan and Korea, emailing been replace by SMS industry.
。According to statistics shown until June 2006 there are more than 2 billion mobile phone users in the world; an average of 1 thousand been registered as new mobile phone user per minute, which made SMS being one of the TOP 5 media for advertising.

This tells the potential reach of the SMS medium and the significance of SMS for everyone.

What Is SMS Marketing?

Business in the 21st Century is highly competitive; customers information gathering, customers data management and using them to as a marketing and staff management tool has become a very important part of business growth.

Have you ever considered SMS text message marketing to reach your customers? We provide web-based application that lets you send bulk text messages to your customers, clients, member, contacts, or just about anyone.

22SMS is an Effective Tool to Spread Information. We provides services that enable you to deliver your personalized information direct to your target market. Through multimedia like Text Messaging (SMS), it will definitely boost your products and services and even your communities are more easily and efficiently reached. Keep good relation between you and customer.

By a single click you can reach up to 50,000 recipients PERSONALIZED!.

What is the advantage of using Text Messaging System?

Texting or is less intrusive then a phone call, and is nearly instantaneous in delivery. Text messages can be delivered when people are away from their desks, and at times that are most appropriate to send them. It’s estimated that 96% of all text messages or SMSs are read.

Why we choose 22SMS advertisement ?

。Malaysia have 18 million mobile phone users, each mobile phone users is your valued customers.
。More personalize and professional of advertisement.
。Fast & Easy to transmit your data to your customers.
。Select your own language to suit your customers.
。D.I.Y your advertisement anytime & anywhere.
。To create your own promotional @ sales bazaar through SMS advertisement.
。Send your own promotional @ sales bazaar through SMS Advertisement.
。Send greeting immediately to your customers. ( Thank You, etc )
。Very economical, compare with brochure, banner, newspaper ad etc.

The benefits/advantage of using SMS Marketing Services are:

Build relationships between you & customers.
Send to target market at a fraction cost compare with paper-based direct marketing
Track responses and build targeted campaigns.
Special offers, Latest News updates, Event notices, Customer service, Product or service Alerts, A special offer, Voting, Information bulletins, Current events.

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