It’s always nice to welcome a new client as your good self and I enjoyed talking to you earlier. Thanking you for taking a careful note of your requirements in selecting 22SMS-G Systems as your solution consultant.

I believe very strongly that 22SMS-G system can provide you with the level of service you expect and deserve and that we can establish a solid relationship with you. I welcome the opportunity to be of service to you in any way whatsoever and looking forward to meet with your good self soon to have in depth discussion.

We develop, sell and support business software that automates business processes.
Our product range includes 22SMS-G System :

  1. SMS Broadcasting System
  2. Data Management Software (DMS)
  3. Information Management Software (IMS)
  4. And others – DIY Webpages + 8Pages of our JointVenture Website

SMS Broadcasting System

The popularity of mobile phone in Malaysia make SMS Broadcast are very significant. The idea of 22SMS is to reach targeted customers by using SMS.
22SMS can deliver SMS to: Celcom, DiGi Telecommunications, Maxis Communications,U Mobile user.

There are no hidden costs or monthly fees. The quality of our service is automatically monitored to all networks in Malaysia to ensure fast delivery times. The 22SMS includes a selection of backup SMS routes under our monitoring to ensure high reliability.

Data Management Software (DMS)

DMS offering you the following:-
* Online Organizer
* Personal Data Management
* Family Data Management
* Customer Data Management
* Supplier Data Management
* Employee Data Management

Information Management Software (IMS)

* Sending SMS
* SMS Alert System (Task Scheduler)
* SMS Learning
* SMS Report History
* Text Advertisement
* Banner Advertisement DIY Webpages + 8Pages of our JointVenture Website

Business Post and Update in . To have an Online Business Advertisement. Let every in the world can know your business.

The above system is in total DIY (Do It Yourself) to tailor made the Individual Information Management Software of a particular enterprising person in a day-to-day business scenario.
Today’s World is moving more and more to a Real Time Scenario of the busy business person who is simply proactive, discerning and more-in-keeping with modernization and hard issues.
Everything that is supplied Totally Online is systematically programmed online, synergistically on a mobile digital format supplying the aggressive, entrepreneurial business person all the tools to be readily available in an online-to-mobile digital format for today’s busy on-the-move business person.
The support service and aftercare we provide to our customers continues to be the cornerstone to our success.

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