Q1.     Will our data kept in the accounts safe and will not be leaked out to the public?

A1.    22SMS-G is registered with MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) and 22SMS-G will not take the risk of being sued and fined by the Commission on the leaking out of clients’ data as stipulated in the agreement.

A2.    22SMS-G has been in the marketing for more than 5 years and the users’ will not stay until today if we are not ethical. Moreover, 22SMS-G has no reason to sell the users’ data as the sale of the software is much more profitable as compared to the sale of the data.  (There is zero cost for the software)

A3.    22SMS-G also uses Secure Site, the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.   With this, the users’ data will not be hacked that easily during the transition.

Q2.    What is the speed of sms sending from the system to the recipients?

 A1.    Currently, the speed is set at 10 sms / second.  There is an interval of 5 seconds for every 30 seconds sending.   That means we are able to send:

1 min = 500 sms     10 min = 5000 sms        60 min = 30,000 sms
However, during festive, 22SMS-G will increase the sms to 15 or 20 sms per second.
Anyway, the receiving timing for the sms sent very much depends on the traffic of the server as we are not the only one using the exchange.  Maxis, Celcom, Digi etc are also using the same exchange.

Q3.    What happen if the 22SMS-G user uses the software in sending illegal and unethical sms to the public?

A1.    Well, as the member of MCMC, if there is any complaint received, we will have to surrender all the reports to the Commission for their investigation.  The misused of the 22SMS-G software is the fault of the individual and we have no way to control it.  Just quoting an example, Knife is designed for use in the kitchen but if the killer used it to kill innocent, it is not the Knife’s fault, it is the individual who misuse it.

Q4.    Will the cost of the 22SMS-G sms be more and more expensive?

A1.    Well, based on the history of the telecommunication industries, the price of all telecommunication is becoming cheaper and cheaper, so it is unlikely for the cost of our sms to be more expensive in the future.  It can only be the same if not cheaper.22SMS-G sms credit beginning with price RM0.30 per sms five years ago, currently 22SMS-G sms rates is from RM0.075 to RM0.13 per sms

Q5.    I already have my own website, why should I use the DIY website by 22SMS-G?

A1.    Well, it is good for one to have their own website but there is no harm for one to have a spare website as the DIY website of 22SMS-G have the following advantages :
-    It is easy to use as we provide step-by-step training for all users
-    There is no maintenance of domain fee
-    Updating of data and information can be done at no cost
-    There is no risk of being threatened by the web designer should any unpleasant situation take place
-    Updating of data and information is immediate without delay

Q6.    I don’t have any customers’ data now.  How can you help?

A1.    Well, 22SMS-G provides a software and platform for user to use as a tool to improve customers’ relationship hence improve business turnover.  The user has to put in effort if he expects better result in the business turnover.  Obtaining customers’ data is very easy.  One can start by collecting name cards from all the shops at the surrounding area to start with.  Data from magazines, newspaper, yellow pages are also easily accessible for one to start with.

Q7.    I have only 300 customers at the moment.  I don’t think I need 22SMS-G software.

A1.    Well, today you have 300 customers does not mean next year you will still have the same 300 customers with you.  The reason for the customers to stay and repeat their sales with you is because they know you care and you maintain a very close communication and relationship with them.  If you do not have a system or software to help keep your customers warm, eventually, your customers will slowly stay away and stick to your competitors who keep in touch with them.

Q8.    I know 22SMS-G is a good system but I have a few thousands customers’ data in my existing software and it will be very time consuming for me to key in to the 22SMS-G system.

A1.    Well, don’t worry, you can export your current data to excel format and our programmer will help to import them to the 22SMS-G system easily.

Q9.    Well, I am using the sms system now and it is also very convenient and I only pay the sms charges and no need to pay anything up front!

A1.    Well, I agree.  But are you aware that you are actually using external system and all your messages and contact numbers are being exposed to third party?  You have no control over your privacy of messages and contacts.  Furthermore, you cannot categorize your contacts and there is no data management available which is vital for you to refer and kept for reference for future businesses.  If you facing technical problem, who can attend your cases? How much you need to pay for the consultation fee?

Q10.    I feel that it is expensive, as compared to the other software in the market.

A1.    Well, it is unlikely for you find cheaper software of the SIMILAR capabilities as 22SMS-G software.  Anyway, the following are some features for you to consider.
22SMS-G Software                    Other Software
Web based.  Can access at any place        Can only access at the designated
with internet facilities.                CPU in the office.
No service maintenance fee.            Must pay yearly maintenance fee.
Unlimited users.                    Limited users.
Data + SMS + Web (3 in 1)            Stand alone software.
Unlimited trainings at no cost.            Training fee is imposed for additional                                 sessions requested.
Web based data back-up.            Risk of data lost should the PC crack.
Unlimited storage of data.            Limitations in data storage.

Q11.    What if I forgot my password ?

A1.    User can retrieve password from 22SMS-G website, just key in User ID and hand phone number ,the system will send the new password to your hand phone.

A2.    Well, we actually have User’s Guide for you to download to refer to a step-by-step guide to teach you how to use the software.  It is very simple and easy to follow.   Alternatively, you can also call our HQ and speak to our technical staff to guide you over the phone at no cost.

Q13.    I think the sms is not really cheap and competitive!

A1.    Well, we are sending from M’sia to all other countries at SAME cost, we can send message to a big group of people, save time, all recipients received almost the same time and not one by one like sending via hand phone, we have sms sending report and I strongly believed all these benefits and conveniences are worth to consider.



1. 请问我们的资料储存在22SMS-G资料库安全吗?会不会泄露出去?

- 22SMS-G公司有跟马来西亚多媒体走廊委员会签署合约不能泄露任何顾客资料否则会被起诉及罚款。
- 22SMS-G公司在市场已经拥有五年的历史,假设有泄露任何顾客的资料请问还能在市场上立足吗?同时卖软件的利润好过卖资料(软件已经无需任何成本)
- 22SMS-G 公司的网站已经申请成为Secure site, 所有输入的资料都有加密码再传送去公司的资料库,不容易被破解。很多银行都有使用这样的系统以确保交易资料不会被破解。所以所有储存在22SMS-G网站的资料是非常安全的。

2. 请问22SMS-G 公司的短讯发送 系统的速度有多快?

目前22SMS-G 短讯系统每秒钟能够发送10则短讯讯息,系统每发送30秒将休息5秒钟。

每分钟 = 500通短讯讯息 10分钟 = 5000通短讯讯息 每小时 = 30000通短讯讯息



3. 假如22SMS-G公司短讯系统用户使用短讯系统发送违法或欺骗性质短讯,怎么办?

假如有人举报22SMS-G 软件用户使用短讯系统发送违法或欺骗性质短讯而导致马来西亚多媒体委员会调查,公司将会把有关短讯发送资料提供给有关当局做调查用途,所有刑事责任由顾客本身负责。


4. 请问22SMS-G公司短讯价通数价格会不会越来越贵?

根据电讯业过去的记录,短讯通数价格只会越来越便宜而不会越来越贵。22SMS-G短讯通数过去最高每通短讯收费RM0.30,可是现在每通短讯收费RM0.095 到 RM0.13. 所以短讯价通数价格会不会越来越贵的问题是不会存在的。

5. 我已经拥有自己的网站,为什么还需要22SMS-G公司的DIY网页系统?

- 22SMS-G公司的DIY网页系统非常简易使用,同时顾客也可以回来22SMS-G服务中心免费复习 (市场上公司一般都会征收费用)
- 无需缴付网站域名更新/维修费
- 用户可以自己上载及更新网站资料而无需缴付网站更新资料费用
- 所有资料能够在第一时间上载到网站,无需面对拖延得问题。
- 多一个管道给更多人知道贵公司网站的存在 (22SMS-G 公司目前拥有超过20,000多个顾客,都是您的潜在顾客。
6. 我没有任何顾客资料,怎么办?
22SMS-G 软件是一个辅助工具,如果用户要提升公司业绩那么他/她必须也要付出一些努

6. 我没有任何顾客资料,怎么办?


7. 我只有300个顾客,我认为我并不需要22SMS-G软件系统。


8. 我知道22SMS-G软件系统很好,但是我本身拥有几千个顾客储存在我本身目前使用的软件系统,如果需要一个一个从新输入22SMS-G系统,需要很多时间,怎么办?

别担心,您只需把有关资料放在文件档(Excel file)我们公司的电脑程序员将会协助您把有关资料输入您在22SMS-G系统的资料库。

9. 我目前使用住一个短讯系统无需缴付软件费用,只需缴付短讯通数的费用,也很方便。


10. 我觉得22SMS-G软件和市场上其它软件比较,它的软件价钱比较贵。其实市场上目前还没有一间公司拥有像22SMS-G公司的3合1软件系统 (一般上市场的公司只拥有其中一到二个系统),而且有关购买软件系统的费用100%可以扣所得税,怎么会贵呢?


22SMS-G软件系统 其它软件系统网上软件,可以在任何拥有上网设施的电脑直接使用 直接安装在电脑,只有在相关的电脑才可以使用无需缴付年费及维修费 需要缴付年费或软件咨询顾问费无限定用户人数 有限定用户人数3 合1 系统 (资料+短讯系统+ DIY网页系统) 独立软件系统无限量培训及无需缴费(在22SMS-G 服务中心) 每次要求培训-征收额外培训费用网上资料数据备份 –无需担心资料遗失 资料数据储存在电脑,万一有关电脑出现状况,面对资料遗失的风险,无限量储存顾客资料 有限量储存顾客资料

11. 假如我忘记了我的密码,怎么办?


12. 假如我参加了培训后还不会使用22SMS-G 软件系统,怎么办?

放心,其实我们在22SMS-G网站拥有用户指南,用户只需下载影印出来,跟着用户指南一 步一步做就会用。或者,您也可以直接打电话去公司询问,公司将会有电脑专员教导您如何使用22SMS-G系统 (星期一至星期五早上九点到下午六点)

13. 我觉得短讯讯息不是很便宜,是否有竞争优势呢?


PS: 22SMS-G represent By GBS2u’s System

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