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G-System vs Bulk System

Comparison Chart For [ G-System vs Bulk System ] System 22SMS-G 22SMS-Bulk Sender Number Fixed(5digits) random Task SMS Scheduling Yes Yes SMS History Yes Yes SMS Delivery report (DLR ) Yes Yes Customer Database Yes Yes Contact Group Yes Yes … Continue reading

22SMS-Bulk system

22SMS-Bulk system services , 22SMS-Bulk support :- With 22SMS gateway, your phone number not displayed. Random Number will display (010,011,012,013,014,016,017,019) Easy compose SMS Personalized SMS Analise reports Daily reports Prefix reports Monthly report Delivery note (DN) SMS history SMS Delivery … Continue reading

Random Sender ID 22SMS-B

Random Sender ID available for 22SMS-Bulk System only. Random Number will display according the service provider receiver used . (010,011,012,013,014,016,017,019)

22SMS-BULK System Credit Reload Price – (No time limit)

Please Register For Free before you proceed to this Step 22SMS-BULK System Credit Reload Price – (No time limit) Accept PayPal / CreditCard / MasterCard / VisaCard - Payments processedby Paypal Procedures :- Step 1 : Register. Step 2 : Click … Continue reading

22SMS services introduction

22SMS is superb for SMS marketing inside Malaysia, and it is capable of sending international SMS as well. Many of our customers are using 22SMS to keep in touch with their customers and receive response from their customers. Some even use it to … Continue reading