22SMS services introduction

22SMS is superb for SMS marketing inside Malaysia, and it is capable of sending international SMS as well.

Many of our customers are using 22SMS to keep in touch with their customers and receive response from their customers. Some even use it to organize meetings, parties and all kinds of events.

There are 3 kinds of services available with 22SMS.

  1. Data Management Software (DMS)
    - Organiser
    - Personal Data Management
    - Family Data Management
    - Customer Data Management
    - Supplier Data Management
    - Employee Data Management
  2. Information Management Software (IMS)
    - Text Advertisement
    - SMS Broadcasting System
    - Long SMS
    - Phone Book Category
    - Import Numbers From Text File
    - Import Numbers From DMS
    - Banner Advertising
    - Sms Alert
    - DIY Webpage
    - Sms Advertising Summary
    - Top-Up SMS Credit Points
  3. DIY Webpages – 22.com.my/YOURNAME + 8 PAGES of Our JointVenture Website
  4. We Provide Referral Program Bon

Welcome to Contact Us – http://22.com.my/sms/contact


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