How to import contacts from Excel?

1) Only Text File
2) File Size : Less Than 3MB
3) In Text File, Each Line Contains 1 Mobile Number and name (with or without).
Example :

Step1 -
1) Key in hand phone number at 1st column
2) Key in name at 2nd column

Column A Column B
1) 60132655223 Albert Tan
2) 60123366999

Step2 -
1) hand phone number and name have added

Step3 -
1) Go to Save as 1
2) Key in file name
3) Select file type: Text (Tab Delimited)(*Txt)
4) Press Save button

Step4 -
1) Select import numbers from text file
2) Select your phone book category
3) Browse and select your desire file from computer
4) Press submit, wait for process


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