About SHOG—————————–
SHOG is a Virtual Business Community Portal for all the businesses in Kuching City. You can always find anything which related to Kuching within this Virtual Business Community, www.shog.com.my. SHOG is derived from the combination of Shop and Blog. It enables the Shops community in Kuching to publish their up to date information on the fly. Information such as Shop抯 info, Promotions, Products, Services and Vacancies are the main information that SHOG provided. In other word, it enables the Shops community in Kuching to perform blogging on behalf of their Shops.

Virtual Directory————————–
SHOG also provides a Virtual Directory for your to locate the Shops you wish to find according to different natures of business. You can easily identify the Shops by narrowing down the directories.

You can always seek for latest products� information which is sold in Kuching. In SHOG, you can easily review every item from any of the Shops before you really go for it. Information such as photo, price and description is available in every product item.

Finding difficulties in seeking suitable personnel to help you on some professional task? Now, you can locate any of them easily here in SHOG.

Where are the latest promotions� events going to be held in Kuching? SHOG help you to list out every up coming抯 promotion with your mouse clicks.
WEBSITE:- http://shog.com.my


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