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ENGLISHWelcome to our site 22SERVER.
Our Objective is to let 《Every can have their own website》.So, we provide reasonable price for Website development services :

  • Cooperate Website ,
  • Company’s Blog ,
  • Personal’s Blog ,
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting Service
  • and etc

You can easily change or edit the theme and content in future without any charges.

It is different with the “Traditional web” that only allow web designer to edit the website with a certain charges.

For details, please contact us:

中文首先,谢谢大家光顾 《22Studio》 。


  • 公司网页,
  • 公司部落,
  • 个人部落,
  • 网络域名,
  • 网页寄存服务,
  • 及等等。。。

在我们公司提供的网页服务, 也包含了顾客可在任何时间,地点修改网页内容.

不受网页设计师的约束, 你都可以自己成为网页设计的高手.




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