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It all started in mid 1980’s when the use of IT among state government agencies in Sarawak started to grow. In 1991, SAINS was formed , which was then called Sarawak Computerization Services Sdn. Bhd. SAINS was given the task to spearhead the development and implementation of IT within the Sarawak State Government for greater integration and better utilization of resources. The company then gradually evolved with the vision to leverage on IT as a critical enabler for Sarawak socio-economic development.

SARAWAK INFORMATION SYSTEMS SDN BHD (SAINS) officially began operation in 1992 and has strategically developed a presence in Malaysia as a leading ICT Systems Integrator and Solutions Provider. SAINS has effectively enlarged and intensify the utilization of ICT in the State of Sarawak. At the onset, our stakeholders set out to ensure we build a critical mass of knowledge and know-how of mainstream technology. The selection and choice of partnerships and alliances with technology leaders and hardware manufacturers in the industry were deliberate to achieve that goal as quickly as possible.

Today, SAINS is widely recognized as a leader among governments in the region for cost effective deployment and efficient utilization of IT. In recent years, SAINS has expanded its business outside of Sarawak and is steadily seeking synergistic business partnership and building strong customer relation with government entities and multinational corporations in the region.
SAINS Head Office
Level 3, Wisma Bapa Malaysia, Petra Jaya, 93502 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel. : (60) 82-444199
Fax : (60) 82-444211

SAINS Business Centre
Lot 9366, Section 64 KTLD, Jalan Uplands, 93620 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel: (60) 82-426733
Direct line: (60) 82-422472
Fax: (60) 82-423533
more contact :- http://www.sains.com.my/sains/aboutsains/ouroffices.shtml
For more information :- http://www.sains.com.my

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