Lowest Postpaid Plan | Back to basics – 全国最低通话收费, RedOne 对 RedONE 免费, RedONE 对其通讯 RM0.15/分钟,

Answers to commonly-asked questions about the red ONE.

I am an existing red ONE Mobile user. Can I still use my old plan and number?

Yes, existing customers can continue to use their current red ONE Mobile line with their current plan.

Can I sign up for more lines using the old red ONE Mobile plans?

No. We have discontinued signing up new customers on the old plans, as our new plans provide much better value.

Do you offer any free phones or device bundles like the other operators?

No, because in reality there is no such thing as ‘free’. The costs are hidden in your monthly fees. By not providing any ‘free’ phones we are able to maintain the lowest prices and offer you the lowest commitment plan in the market.

What is ‘Commitment Sharing’ or ‘Shared Usage Commitment’?

If you or your company have signed up for more than one line, the minimum amount payable (e.g. RM8) will be combined into a single pool which can be utilised by all lines under that account. This way the total minimum commitment value will be fully utilised, and you don’t end up paying for what you don’t use.

Your IDD rates are low compared to others. Is there a prefix or *xxx that I must dial before making an IDD call?

No. Our IDD uses premium links and is not a VoIP or call-back service with poor quality. Just dial the country code followed by the number.

Where can I sign up to red ONE Mobile?

Please call our Customer Care at 1800 11 0800 or contact us here and a sales representative will be in touch. Or you can visit one our Authorised Agents.

What documents do I need to sign up?

You will need to complete our Registration Form, and complete and sign our Customer Agreement form. By law we also require a photocopy of your / company owner’s IC, and company registration documents (if signing up as a corporate customer):

(i) For Malaysian companies: Form 24, Form 49, Form 9 or 13

(ii) For foreign companies: Form 79/80/80A/83/83A

(iii) Sole Proprietorship/Partnership: Forms D & A, Forms D & B

Can I switch to red ONE Mobile and keep my existing number?

Yes, you can keep the number you already have by applying for Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

How long will it take to activate my line?

New registration will take 1 -2 working days. If you are also applying for MNP, it will take 3 -5 working days.

I have been blacklisted by other mobile networks, can I apply for a red ONE postpaid account?

We understand that people (and telecommunication companies) make mistakes sometimes. We will be glad to sign you up, and all we ask is a deposit equal to the credit limit you request.

What is an MVNO and how come I have never heard of REDtone or red ONE?

An MVNO is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator”. The ‘virtual’ means that we don’t have our own mobile network and we use capacity from another provider. But we do everything else ourselves, such as marketing, product design, customer service, billing, etc. We are a relatively new company and we re-launched ourselves in mid-2012, and introduced the red ONE product name in 2013.

Do I need to sign up a minimum number of lines to enjoy the free calls or commitment sharing?

No. Unlike the others who enforce a minimum of 5 or 10 lines before you can enjoy these benefits, we let you save from as few as 2 lines under your account (if only 1 line, there’s no one to share with!).

Do I need to pay anything else, apart from my monthly commitment fee?

Well, we do a ask for a deposit equivalent to 50% of your credit limit, but this money remains yours and will be refunded should you choose to terminate your line. There is also a one-off RM10 registration fee for Personal registrations, and an RM10 stamp duty charge (only applied to the Primary account – not applicable to subsequent lines added under the account).

How come you don’t offer ‘unlimited’ data plans?

We would love to give our customers unlimited data usage for a flat fee. Unfortunately, all the mobile operators (not just in Malaysia, but worldwide) are pulling back their ‘unlimited’ offers and putting in place ‘fair use’ policies and caps on how much their customers can use. This is to lessen the burden on the data network, and to avoid the minority of people who use peer-to-peer applications and download HD movies, from taking up all the available bandwidth. A small minority should not spoil the internet experience for the larger majority. So we are forced to follow the global trend by our host network operator.

Many of my friends want to sign-up. Do I get anything for recommending and recruiting?

Yes you can, and we will even give you cash! Just contact the Agency Partner closest to you and find out how you can participate in our reseller program.