RAINBOW CNG is an established name in the research and development of products for the CNG and LPG conversion industry, has established several bases in all Asia to promote and distribute his extremely successful Diesel Dual Fuel (DDF). This system, has been developed over the past years thanks to Attilio Guidetti (AT) the firm’s Italian engineer which has been instrumental in the development of the RAINBOW DDF system.


Several specialized Companies have completed the tests on a series of small, medium and heavy trucks. All show that RAINBOW DDF conversion increases the engine performance with a considerable saving in fuel costs and substantial drop in harmful emissions

The key component of  RAINBOW DDF system, is the ECU. It permits to manage the quantity of gas sprayed into the engine thanks an injector per each cylinder. The result is the increasing of efficiency of the combustion in the firing chamber. This transforms a normal Diesel engine into a green and environmental friendly performance engine.

The fuel saving is guaranteed by the reducing of diesel demand from the engine. RAINBOW DDF system can be used with either CNG or LPG fuels. The overall cost of fuel is reduced in the range of 40 % to 50% using CNG and 30 % to 35% using LPG. Any Diesel engine which uses RAINBOW DDF system, can run perfectly on diesel mode only at any time. The Driver can decide to use the system or not even during the driving and without turning the engine off.


The system fits all kind of diesel engines, turbo or not, from the small pick-up to the big trucks and buses.


The main characteristic of RAINBOW DDF system is that, diesel pump, pistons, engine head and all the other engine parts do not require any modifications. This, guarantees the engine works in the perfect range of the temperatures and regimes as originally set by the manufacturer. One of the chief advantages of RAINBOW DDF system is the ease of installation. NO engine overhaul is required. The entire operation is completely reversible and so the eventual vehicle resale value remains unchanged.


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