PRO Electrical Supply

PRO Electrical Supply provides specialised services in High Voltage, Electronics, Communications,CCTV and Fire Safety etc.
PRO Electrical Supply was founded in 1989 with a vision and focus to cater to the specialist market, fault location, servicing and repair of cables. Since the inception of our company we have diversified to suit the ever changing market and now offer a vast range of products and services to suit our continually expanding client base.
We are offer the service included :
*General Electrical Maintenance: Replace Electrical Cords, Wire Outlets, Install Dimmers, And More.
*Installing and Supplying Service: Can Install Or Replace Ceiling Fans And Lighting Fixtures Safely And Efficiently.
*Fixture & Repair Services: Repair Or Replacement Whether Part Of A Electric Problem.
*Fire Safety Install & Service :Maintaining,Reparing,Installing Of All Kind Of Fire Safety Part.
*CCTV :Maintaining,Reparing,Installing Of CCTV Work.
*General Plumbing Services: Repair Or Replace Toilets, Fix Bathtubs, And Much More.
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Contact Us @ 019-2292925 Mr Lee

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