PETER GOH & CO 吴晓峰事务所

Firm : PETER GOH & CO. (  吴 晓 峰 事 务 所 )

ROB  (BNR) : 36658 (  商业注册局执照号码 )

Formation :  01.01.1995  (  成立日期 )

Chief Executive Officer : Peter Goh Siew Hong  吴晓峰 (  welcome to Facebook 面子书 )

    MAAA Membership No.: 1122


马 来 西 亚 会 计 经 理 人 员 协 会 会 员 ( 会员号码 1122 )

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Registered Address : No.81, Lrg 14, Rubber Road West, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak. (Kuching City North)

Postal Address : P.O. Box 2600, 93750 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Hot Line : 016-8885600   Spare Line : 016-8085600

Tel/Fax: 082-411600

Email : or

Web :





Management Consultancy, Documents Attestation, Taxation, Accounting, Liaison with Government Departments & Agencies, General Commercial Services etc within our professional scope and competency.一般商业服务



  1. Formation of Associations & Clubs Under Section 6 Of The Societies Act 1966 with ROS. *Terms & Conditions Apply.代办申请新社团注册 ( Fee: negotiable depending on the nature of the Society)
  2. Formation of Sole Proprietorship & Partnerships under Business Names Ordinance (Chapter 64 Laws Of  Sarawak) & Businesses, Professions & Trades Licencing Ordinance (Chapter 33 Laws Of Sarawak). *Terms & Conditions Apply.代办新商号注册 ( Fee : all in minimum RM 250.00 at ROB (LHDN, Kuching) but excluding application of relevant permits from Council or Police if required under the Laws )
  3. Preparing prescribed documents and e-Filing (online) of Annual Return for Associations and Clubs under Section 14(1) of the Societies Act 1966 excluding application for amendment to Rules and Constitution etc.*Terms & Conditions Apply.代办网上电子呈报社团年报,但是不包括申请修改章程等(必须附合条件) ( Fee : negotiable depending on the nature of the Society)
  4. Accounting  &  Taxation supporting services for Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Hawkers,  Self-Employed Merchants , Taxi Operators & Individuals.*Terms & Conditions Apply. 协助个人,各类小贩等以及普通生意商人呈报账目与所得税服务(必须附合条件) ( Fee : negotiable )
  5. Translation of the Rules and Constitution for Associations and Clubs.*Terms & Conditions Apply.  翻译社团章程 (比须附合条件) ( Fee: depending on the nature of Societies )
  6. Good & Service Tax (GST) online Registration services For Sole Proprietor & Partnership. 代办独资与合伙企业消费税网上注册服务. (Fee: negotiable, minimum RM 150.00 depending on the nature of business)
  7. Preparing & Attesting the Memo of Transfer for Sole Proprietor & Partnership plus eStamping. 代办独资与合伙企业股份转换和代付印花税服务. (Fee: Professional fee minimum RM 280.00 excluding Stamp Duty)
  8. Independent Consultant for Associations & Clubs. 社团独立顾问 (Fee: negotiable)


ADDITIONAL RELATED SERVICES :-其他相关服务 ( Fee : negotiable )

  1. Preparing & Attesting the Stall Tenancy Agreements between Coffee Shop Owners & those Food Stalls operated therein.*Terms & Conditions Apply. 代办小贩摊位出租合约( Fee : depending on the terms and conditions to be stated therein)
  2. Attestation of Signatories, Certifying copies of Documents as Identical & Filing of Statutory Documents within our professional scope and competency.文件副本认证与签名见证服务(Fee : depending on the nature of the documents)
  3. Preparing & Translating English Commercial Letters, Tendering Letters, Financial Statements, Documents Faxing services etc……代写与翻译英文商业书信, 收支账目表,传真文件等等…(Fee : depending on the nature of the documents)


1. Preparing Memo Of Transfer For Business & E-Stamping Services (We are Government registered  E-Stamping Agent)  代办生意股东转名与网上电子印花税服务 (我们是政府注册网上电子印花税代理) (Professional Fee minimum RM 300.00 excluding Stamping Duty to be paid)


  1. We will handle the complete process required in working with the respective Government Regulatory Authorities so as to obtain the necessary approvals for formation of  Business (Sole Proprietorship & Partnerships) & Society (Associations & Clubs). 我们将为客户处理申请新社团与商号的所有注册手续。
  2. Appointment as Commission Agent & Broker within our professional scope. 授权抽佣经记与代理。

CONSULTATION 会客 :  Appointment ( 预约) can be arranged via 016-8885600 or email to us….


 Monday to Friday 星期一至星期五 : 8.30 am to 12.00 pm  &  2.00 pm to 4.30  pm

 Sunday & Public Holiday 星期日与公共假日:  off  day 休息日

Special Appointment on Saturday  星期六特别预约  8.30 am to 10.30 am . *Terms & Conditions Apply.



Our Firm reserve the right to make any amendment that we deem necessary in the best interest of our Clients and Associates at anytime. 如果有必要, 我们保留在任何合适时修正本所的规则以便能与客户及伙伴们达到双赢的成果.

Our Firm may at its discretion, refuse to provide any service required by our clients or prospects without assigning any reason thereof. 我们保留可以在无需给原因之情况拒绝提供客户所要求的服务.

Remark :- 備注

Our Firm was formed on 01.01.1995 and since then we have been providing commercial  services to Individuals ( Carpenters, Farmers, Stall & Hawker Operators, Insurance Agents, Direct Selling Distributors, Freelances etc. ), Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Clubs & Associations within our professional scope and competency on a Win-Win Basis. 自成立于一九九五年以来, 本所已为众多个人(自由企业人士), 贩商, 独资与合伙生意, 社团等提供以上各项专业的服务….

Additional Remark :- 附加備注

Our Attestations of Documents as authentic are widely acceptable for many purposes, nevertheless, not for all. 我们所认証之文件副本广泛性在一般来说都被官方部门承认, 但是并非所有事务都被接受.

Other Remark :- 其他備注

Our Commitment is to fulfill the needs of our clients. Nevertheless, in the event that if there is any service required by our prospects or clients which is beyond our professional scope and competency, we will notify them as soon as we can accordingly. 我们的宗旨是为客户提供优质服务, 但如果某些服务不是在本所专业范围内, 我们会尽快通知他们.

Other Information :-其他讯息

We have more than 26 years experience in providing and handling the above mentioned professional services. 我们拥有超过二十六年的经验来处理以上各方面的专业服务.

Important Dates For Tax Payers  纳税人之重要日期 :-

Dateline for filing Income Tax Forms 呈递所得税表格最迟日期 :-

With Business Income 拥有生意收入          –   30.06.20xx  (Form B or P)

Non Business Income  非生意收入             –   30.04.20xx   (Form BE)

Important Date For Societies 社团组织之重要日期 :-

Annual Return shall be forwarded to the Registrar Of Societies within 60 days after the holding of the Annual General Meeting of the Society. 社团年报必须在每年招开年度会员大会后之六十天内呈递给社团注册局

Our Fees  : 专业费 

Our Fees are reasonable and negotiable based on Complexity of works entrusted.  我们的专业收费是根据任务之难度与复杂性来决定.


Extra Information For Our Clients & Friends :- 附加讯息

If you need to know some of the Federal Government’s and Sarawak State Government’s info, you may visit the following website:-

若您想知道一些官方资讯, 也可以查看以下一些网址 :-

Some Related Government Departments’ Websites :


Our Slogan :

PROFESSIONAL                                                                                                                                                                               Caring Ensured                                       

Our Aim :

TOGETHER                                                                                                                                                                                          We Progress



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