You definitely can’t get a more authentic Thai dining experience at any other place than Pandan Thai Delight. Everything from the owner, chefs, kitchen helpers, specialty ingredients, recipes right down to the decor and music hails from Thailand. Open since 2003, Pandan Thai Delight has achieved a big base of loyal customers who love to savour the dishes offered here.

Tom yam soup is one of the first things that come to mind when you think of Thai food, and at Pandan Thai, they serve some of the best tom yum around. Choose from a wide selection of tom yum, from clear soup, to red soup to the rich tom yum with coconut milk, and taste the rich flavour and aroma of home-made tom yum paste.

For those who are looking for something different or special, Pandan Thai has a lot of Thai dishes that are not usually served in other local Thai restaurants, and even considered rare in Thailand itself. One such dish is the Nam Prig Long Rua Fried Rice, which the recipe originates from the royal kitchen, and only a select few of chefs in Thailand know of. It features sweet and spicy fried rice, wth a side of special sambal, salted egg and steamed vegetables.

One should not miss the grilled menu here, beef or chicken grilled to perfection, and served with their special sauce. Nam Tok, is a dish where they serve freshly grilled hot and spicy beef, accompanied by a sauce that compliments it very well. Something worth taking note of, here at Pandan Thai, they make their own sambals and sauces, some of which takes a whole day to prepare. Such attention to detail and quality can only be the secret to their delicious food.

Pandan Thai has a good selection of seafood dishes as well. A popular dish here is the steamed seabass with garlic and lime soup. Despite its simple outlook, the taste is the total opposite, where a burst of fresh and zesty flavour accompanies every sip of the soup.

And to end a good meal, Thai desserts. The owner recommends the sticky rice mango, sticky rice longan and water chestnut in coconut milk. Yet another specialty here is Khao-Tom-Mud, a banana-yam dessert.

Pandan Thai Delight also offers buffet catering for all types of occasions, day or night. Impress your guests with the mouth-watering food, all the way from Thailand. This is the kind of food that will make you say “Ar-Roy!!” (Delicious!!)

Company Name: Pandan Thai Delight
Address: No. 73, Ground Floor, RH Plaza, Jalan Stutong, 93250, Kuching, Sarawak

Contact Person: Vincent Chung
Mobile: 019-827 8168

Deal in: Thai dishes,buffet,dessert

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