Normah Medical Specialist Centre (NMSC)

ABOUT :- Normah Medical Specialist Centre (NMSC) is a healthcare centre in Borneo. The Company is registered under Sarawak Medical Centre Sdn Bhd (119669-X). It is wholly owned by SFS Inc. an incorporated body under the Sarawak State Government. It was established in 1988 as a 130-bed acute medical and surgical, not-for-profit medical facility, aimed at reducing the large gap in the standards of healthcare found then in Sarawak vis-à-vis those in developed countries. Served by a dedicated team of UK and American board certified physicians and well-trained nurses, NMSC is today highly regarded and trusted for its personalized care, quality standards and treatment outcomes.

Since 1997, NMSC has continuously received consultative assistance from the renowned Mayo Clinic, USA to strengthen its ability to provide reliable, evidence-based medicine. Many patients find NMSC’s doctor-led governance and team-approach to healthcare highly reassuring, knowing that their doctors do not work alone but within a system, thereby ensuring that their best interests as a patient always come first.

In 2005, the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health accredited NMSC with full certification, making it the private hospital in Borneo to be so honored. NMSC has now embarked on the journey to further improve all facets of its comprehensive range of services along the Joint Commissioning International standards. This means that patients seeking treatment in NMSC will receive the same level of care and treatment protocols as their counter parts in the developed countries.

NMSC has continued to lead in patient care and treatment outcomes within the State. By 2007, its sister facility, the Sarawak International Medical Centre will open. This new facility will be a world class medical centre for the treatment and care of cancer, kidney and heart diseases. Together, NMSC and SIMC aim to become the destination of choice for medical care in the region.
Contact Us
General telephone line: +60 82 440055
General fax line : +60 82 442600

Our postal address :
Normah Medical Specialist Centre, Lot 937, Section 30 KTLD, Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman , Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Our general inquiry email address :

Normah Clinic fax numbers (Receptionist) +60 82 313546
Emergency call no: +60 82 311999 (phone)
Emergency fax no: +60 82 312291 (fax)

Corporate Affairs Department
Inquiry call no: +60 82 440055 Ext 240/241/258
Fax no: +60 82 313459

Useful telephone numbers
Wellness Centre :+60 82 440055 Ext 616
Kidney & Urology Centre : +60 82 440055 Ext 264
Cancer Centre :+60 82 440055 Ext 229
Pharmacy :+60 82 440055 Ext 516
Patient Relation :+60 82 440055 Ext 208
Heart Centre:+60 82 440055 Ext 200
Oncology Centre:+60 82 440055 Ext 252
CT Scan Suit:+60 82 440055 Ext 277


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