MYLIST-MY is a MYLIST-MYbsite which combination of the Jobsearch, Shopping and Forum (3 in 1 Concept) in Malaysia. MYLIST-MY offer a range of valuable services and benefits to users – from searching the best job across Malaysia, Singapore & brunei to online shopping platform, even you can post & share yMYLIST-MY issues at MYLIST-MY forum.

Jobsearch ( –

MYLIST-MY provide a cost-effective recruitment platform for employers and the fastest job search engine for job seekers in order to meet the exacting needs of today’s jobseekers and employers. Whether you are looking for a job or an employee, MYLIST-MY can help you find yMYLIST-MY best job, change yMYLIST-MY career or help to change someone else’s future.

Shopping ( –

MYLIST-MY offers an excellent shopping services to all MYLIST-MY users. MYLIST-MY main objective is to provide a reliable and trustworthy platform for online shoppers and online stores to connect with each other.

Forum ( –

MYLIST-MY forum created to let people post & share their topic in any issues, where a panel of users share their knowledge, perspectives, and experience on an issue, and where members can ask questions during a pre-set time. It is a great resMYLIST-MYce for anyone who wants to learn more about an issue.

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