Come enjoy the Kampung life

Located 95km from Johor Bahru, Malaysia and cradled by a shallow water bay, the little kampung is content,resting placidly amidst the tall and mature coconut trees. Dwarfed by the surrounding vegetation and old mangrove forest, the abundant mango and longan fruit trees sway gently in the warm, balmy afternoon breeze, nurturing and thriving on the salty air from the South China Sea.

From mid December to February when the wet chilly winds blow from the north east, bringing along almost daily precipitation,the entire landscape turns a rich and refreshing green, transforming the resort home into a joyful celebration of life and if you’re not careful, making you almost ……. almost …….. wanna dance naked in the rain.

The kampung houses,designed and based on old Malay vernacular architecture, are constructed almost entirely of tropical wood. With high ceilings and tall shuttered windows, built on 9 foot structural pillars, the accomodations guarantee cool, airy and well ventilated spaces.

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  1. From the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, take the ferry to Sebana Cove
  2. Hire a car and travel east towards Federal Road 92
  3. Turn right the Federal Road 92
  4. Turn left at the end of Federal Road 92
  5. Travel about 6 km along the coast to reach MyKampung

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