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ME Publications Sdn Bhd

THE TEAM BEHIND ME: The people that make it happen

Creative Designs
Our Creative Designs team are the people behind all the advertisement and graphics design for the ME magazine. Consisting of experienced designers, desktop publishing artists, creative writers and an editor, Malaysia Entrepreneur  strive towards continuous quality and creativity in our work to aid our clients in achieving a high impact from their advertisements. Malaysia Entrepreneur  understand just how important a good advertisement is, and how to think in our cllient’s shoes.

Sales & Marketing
Guided by experienced team leaders with over 15 years of experiences, our Sales and Marketing team are the frontrunners of the ME magazine. Equipped with valuable business insights, passion and the heart to serve each and every clients, Malaysia Entrepreneur  ensure that your needs and requirements are taken care of from the minute Malaysia Entrepreneur  step into your business premise. Malaysia Entrepreneur  take time to learn about your business and know it inside out as to provide you with the best advertising solutions. No task is too hard for us, no clients too far to reach.

The people that made it all possible. They are an inspirational trio that stood behind every decisions made by the team and continue to push for greater results. Their foresight and business skills as Malaysia Entrepreneur ll as experiences sipped deep in the foundation of our business and had been the force that pilot all our successes and the success of magazine.


Ever since the 1st publication of the ME magazine back in 2005, Malaysia Entrepreneur  had continue to move and advance as Malaysia Entrepreneur  believe in achieving greater heights in our business. Thus far, the result speaks for itself.

The ME magazine is specially designed to cater for current business needs and to provide an effective way to increase business sales by focusing their advertisement in a creative and attractive layout. It serves as a valuable channel to broaden opportunities for business & allow full exposure of the business existence to commercial areas and households.

THE magazine is published and distributed FREE QUARTERLY in Sarawak to Commercial Areas, Corporate Office lobbies, Industrial Areas, Beauty and Health Centres, Leisure and Tourist Information Centres, Restaurants and Cafes, Hospitals and Clinics, Government Departments, Business Chamber and Organisations. In fact, starting from Vol 14 onwards, it is also available to households and all you need to do is call us up at 082-248358, ansMalaysia Entrepreneur r a few quick questions and Malaysia Entrepreneur  wil deliver it right to your doorstep.

Malaysia Entrepreneur  will continue offering affordable advertising space to budget constraint advertiser as Malaysia Entrepreneur  believe in the poMalaysia Entrepreneur r of advertising and its impact to the business. Our targeted readership comprise of the Private and Public sectors, Government departments, Professionals, Decision makers, Business communities and Consumers.

mapME Publications Sdn Bhd

The Malaysia Entrepreneur is officially published by ME Publications Sdn Bhd.

Malaysia Entrepreneur are reachable via the methods below:

We are reachable via the methods below:
Visit us at our Office:
P2-2-4(D), Chonglin Park, Jalan Tabuan, 93200 Kuching Sarawak
Email Us: –

Call Us or Fax to Us:

Tel: +6 082 248 358

Fax: +6 082 415 624

You can also contact us via our business listing form on our HOMEPAGE.

If you are not based in Kuching, do give us a call or email us and we will arrange for our Sales Consultant to visit you at your locality. Our Sales Consultant are based all over Sarawak and Sabah to cater for our broad range of clients.


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