Is it because of the genetics? Is it because they’ve tried absolutely everything, and nothing works?
Actually it’s none of these things. This simple guide shows you that you don’t need to understand a thousand things about weight loss – just 4.
Understanding the health risks of being overweight
Understanding the risks of being overweight is extremely important, and yet so many people just don’t understand or appreciate the potential health risks that they are vulnerable to. These include diabetes, heart diseases Strokes etc. Perhaps they feel that these are diseases that happen to someone else and not them, yet statistics prove that obese people are 2.9 times more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes.
Understanding why you want to lose weight
why do you want to lose weight? Is it to look better? Looking better certainly is a benefit of losing weight, but vanity alone may not be a strong enough motivation. You need to understand that thousands of overweight people just like you are actually dying each year through their obesity. Surely this be a stronger motivator.
Understanding the need for lifestyle choices.
One of the biggest reasons that diets don’t work is because too many people view dieting as a temporary measure – something to be endured and suffered through as quickly as people before returning to the old habits. And this is the root of the problem, and the reason that so many people lose weight, but then gain it back again. Yo-yo dieting has become too common. So dieting has become synonymous with being miserable, starving yourself, denying yourself your favourite foods. Yet there is are alternatives. Look for a weight loss program that allows you to eat your favourite foods without calorie counting. These are generally nutrition rich programs that feed your body and make it so much easier to cut back on the unhealthy food choices.
Understanding how to avoid buying diet products that don’t work
Avoid buying the ‘wonder pills’ that you see advertised in newspapers. They don’t work and prey on overweight people that may be victims of ‘emotional buying’. Instead look to buy something that is proven, that has a telephone number where you can speak to someone that has counselors that will help you and support you. Lastly choose a program that allows you to eat your favourite food. Calorie counting never works long-term. Find something that you can stick to, because it took a lot of time to gain that weight of yours and it’s going to take some time to loose weight.
So choose wisely.

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