Little Princess House

1) 我们让小公主们最短的时间内拿到心爱的衣服, 因为全场现货,当天付款,当天送出,第二天就能收到货。非主要城市和东马则需要两天。(Term & Condition apply)。

2) 我们让小公主们不需要担心商品品质,因为所有商品经过专人检查两次,线头经过处理,严格控制商品品质。

3) 我们让小公主变得更漂亮,因为我们每星期都为小公主们准备好多漂亮的衣服,并且提供良好的服务。小公主们可以安心的在这里购物,尽情的让自己更甜美可人。

1) We will try to let PRINCESS get their perfer clothes in shortly after paid,All of the clothes are stock-in-trade,if customer pay it today ,we will send it to customer today.Customer will receive the clothes by next day.For some not main city or East Malaysia need two days for customer receive clothes. (T&C Apply).

2) We let PRINCESS that they do not have to worry LittlePrincessHouse product quality, as all goods in person after two inspections, occlusion treated strictly control the quality of goods.

3) We let the PRINCESS has become more beautiful, because we have a week to prepare a lot of small princesses beautiful clothes, and provide good services. Small princess can feel at ease in the shopping here, so much of their sweetness is more graceful.


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