* Do you provide transportation from the airport to the booked premised?
Yes, we just need to know how many passengers and we will arrange a suitable transportation to accommondate all.

* How much is charged for the transfer from airport to booked premised?
Depending on the vehicle used. Usually RM60.00 to RM120.00 for one way trip.

* Are pets such as dogs or cats allowed in the premise?
There are not allowed in the premise as to be considerate to other customers who might use the place in future

* Smoking allowed?
The occupants are forbidden to smoke within the housing compound.

* Can you book through phone call?
No, it would be easier for us to manage if its booked online. Miscommunication happens through phone talk and it leads to inaccurate information.

* Should I book in advance?
All customers are advised to make booking in advance to secure the availability and also it will be easier for us to manage the bookings.

* Can I rent half day?
Yes, you can rent half a day but the minimum payment is for one full day.

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