Iron-Nique specializes in retail store design and the manufacturing of quality commercial display products. For the last decade we’ve excelled at designing and manufacturing innovative display solutions for a diverse customer base ranging from multi-national department and retail stores to supermarkets, designer stores, and trade shows. Our wide-ranging product line includes supermarket equipments, mannequins, display shelves, and racking system, which have earned a reputation for excellence with customers. Our adherence to principles of quality and service has earned us a strong presence. We not only take pride in sharing our ideas, products and experience with an increasingly diverse consumers but also see it as fundamental to our future success. The dynamic challenges and needs of today’s markets has given us the opportunity to develop products that meet the unique demands of the discriminating buyers. Iron-Nique domestic success comes from providing the best solution possible at an unmatched value. With our comprehensive product line and eagerness to work with customers to customize solutions, we look forward to being a member of winning partnerships from other state within Malaysia.

Lot CB 106, Grd Floor,, Batu Kawah NewTownShip, Jalan Batu Kawa, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: +60-82-460819 / +60-82-451254 Fax: +60-82-573920
Padungan Branch
Tel: +60-82-411060 Fax: +60-82-422060

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