Our mission is to provide quality education that will enrich every student. The College uses its resources to offer various quality programmes. Counselling, guidance and other educational support services are available to enrich students intellectually, culturally and socially.


Founded in 1986, INTI College is governed by a group of concerned academics and professionals who believe the College has an important role to play in the human resource development of the country. It provides a caring and conducive study environment for inculcating in its students a POSITIVE attitude and PROGRESSIVE approach leading to PRODUCTIVE effort. It adopts a holistic approach to learning and training while widening the intellectual horizons of students.

Contact :
Jalan Stampin Timur 93350 Kuching, Sarawak East Malaysia
Tel : +60 82 570888 Fax : +60 82 451533
E-mail: excel@intisar.edu.my

For more information, visit :-http://www.intisar.edu.my/

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